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Welcome to Sitecore Spark!

Welcome to Sitecore Spark!


Brandon Bruno




Sitecore for Everyone

Web content management has been around since the late 1990s. It ranges in size and scope from simple static files on disk (thanks, Jekyll!) to giant enterprise systems with hundreds of users and millions of hits per day.

The Sitecore Experience Platform is an enterprise-level CMS that has been around for much of this time, and while it may look intimidating from the outside, it's actually a pretty tamable beast.

Enter Sitecore Spark.

Sitecore Spark aims to be a Sitecore learning resource for .NET developers new to the platform and a reference tool for those already experienced developing for Sitecore. The key goal behind Sitecore Spark: to educate developers about the Sitecore XP platform via quick, easily-to-digest articles. A rundown of core features:

Sitecore: not that scary after all.

  • Articles: one Sitecore concept at a time, concise article length, and plenty of screenshots. Get in, get out. Made to be consumed in 5 to 10 minutes. Articles will be versioned to match the latest version of Sitecore, so you will always find relevant information.
  • Video Series: certain articles will have an accompanying video of 2 to 5 minutes in length. These generally extend the content of a written article.
  • Blog: site news, major Sitecore release info, and - most importantly - lots of tips, tricks, and useful solutions to common Sitecore problems.

Article versioning is something that I think will help a lot of developers. As of 2017, official Sitecore documentation is woefully outdated in some places - it's all too common to search for a topic and get information (however relevant) from Sitecore version 6 (circa 2010) or early 7 (circa 2013). By keeping articles up to date as much as possible, Sitecore Spark aims to reassure developers that the they are reading the most-relevant information possible.

Blogs will be posted weekly, while articles and videos will be released on a semi-monthly schedule. Stay tuned.

Welcome to Sitecore Spark!

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