A Short Break and Favorite June Links


Brandon Bruno


June 29, 2019


A Short Break and Favorite June Links

The first half of 2019 has been insanely busy for me, both professionally and personally. Catching up on blogging is a major goal for the remainder of 2019. A few topics I'll be focusing on:

  • GeoIP best practices
  • Sitecore PowerShell Extensions for content authors (in conjunction with my 2019 presentation)
  • Examples and deep-dives of JSS features
  • JSS for Back-End Developers, Part 3
  • Object Mapping in Sitecore (Glass vs Synthesis), Parts 2 and 3

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite articles from the Sitecore community and elsewhere over the last few weeks:

When Git Resolves Changes It Shouldn't

The only non-Sitecore topic on this list, this article looks at examples of Git merge conflicts that result from Git's failure to understand the semantics of code - something obvious to developers but difficult for a computer to parse.

Sitecore JSS Series for Developers

Tony Mamedbekov's video series about his experience with Sitecore JSS.

Svelte Powered Sitecore JSS

The Sitecore JSS client SDK natively supports popular frameworks Angular, Vue, and React. Adam Lamarre has made an excellent effort in building similar support for the new Svelte framework. Keep an eye on this one.

Auto Cache in Sitecore: What is it and How to Implement it

This articles covers the basics of Sitecore caching and provides several examples of integration points that all Sitecore developers should understand.

You’re doing Security Roles wrong Part I: The Basics

An excellent and thorough introduction to the basics of user security, roles, and item permissions (both restrictive and permissive).

[YouTube] Master Sitecore: Catching Up with JSS - Architecture and Value Overview

New Sitecorian Anastasiya Flynn takes a 10-minute, high-level look at JSS architecture concepts for developers.

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